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Computed Tomography Image Quality

5 Characteristics In Image Quality


The factors that influence picture quality;

  1. Characteristic X-rays
  2. Dose
  3. Subject transmission
  4. Slice thickness
  5. Scatter
  6. pixel Size
  7. reconstruction algorithm
  8. display resolution

Parameters for measuring image quality

PSF : Point Spread Function

LSF : Line Spread Function

CTF : Contrast Transfer Function

MTF : Modulation Transfer Function


A measure of the ability to discriminate objects of varying density a small distance apart against a uniform bacground (Computed Tomography, Seeram, 2001 p.176)

Factors affecting the spatial resolution

  1. geometry :Are factors that are directly related to the acquisition of data such as focal spot, detectors, isosenter
  2. reconstruction Algorithm A factor related to the mathematical process backprojection and convolution.

Contrast Resolution

The ability to show a small object with a variety of 2-3mm a very low density.
Compared to conventional radiography in CT contrast resolution better

Factors affecting Contrast Resolution.

Slice thickness
Patient size
Sensitifitas detektor
Rekonstruksi algorithma
Image display
Image recording

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