Thursday, April 23, 2015

MSHCT and large patients

Imaging large or overweight patients is a technical problem. For computed tomography, this task is easier because of MSHCT. The following alterations in scan parameters canbe made to accommodate these patients because of detector and tube construction:

• Increase mA

• Decrease gantry rotation speed

• Decrease table speed

• Increase kVp

Other techniques useful for large patients:

• 3600 reconstruction algorithm

• smoother filter

• increased slice width

• prospective

• retrospective (from raw data)

• retrospective (from slice data)

Clinical example (right):

Fully diagnostic pulmonary

emboli study in overweight patient


Patient weight: 290lbs Chest circumference: 54 inches Left arm along side of body (arrows)


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MSHCT and large patients
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