Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mengenal Volume-rendered technique

With this technique, all attenuation values within a voxel are used to obtain the final image (that each voxel contributes brightness, color, and opacity to the final image). Anatomic structures with different levels of opacity (eg, renal parenchyma, renal veins and arteries, and the collecting system) can be demonstrated simultaneously. VRT is an excellent 3-D technique for presentation that provides a roadmap for surgery and summary picture for the referring physician. The most important limitation of VRT is its need for more powerful computers and costly workstations. Using editing techniques, structures overlying the area of interest can be removed for better visualization and desired orientation (Fig. E)


Volume-rendered technique of ct scan abdominal, pada tampilan diatas sebenarnya tampilan 3d yang sekarang banyak produck ct scan sudah ada software untuk membuat 3d tersebut.

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Mengenal Volume-rendered technique
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